Cash flow is always top of mind for a small or medium business. However, when you have variable expenses, an uncertain pipeline or customers who are slow to pay, cash flow issues can quickly escalate.

According to the latest Scottish Pacific SME Growth Index [1], 1 in 5 SMEs said they couldn’t take on new work because of cash flow restrictions.

At Scottish Pacific, we help SMEs improve cash flow through targeted and customised strategies. Our top tips for managing cash flow include:

1. Invoice earlier than usual, and consider deposits and discounts

Send invoices as early as possible, as the sooner your payment terms kick in, the sooner your customers are required to pay. Break invoices into staged payments (e.g. a 20% deposit at the start of a project, with the remainder owed upon completion), and think about rewarding customers with a discount for early payment.

2. Proactively deal with potential late payers 

If a client is tardy with their payments, take action as soon as a payment is late. Contact clients as a courtesy a few days before invoices are due to make sure your invoices are in their system and ready to be processed. For new customers, seek a reference check from their other suppliers.

3. Offer more ways to pay 

Give customers more flexibility and make it easier for them to pay you by extending your payment options to include electronic debit and credit cards, Paywave or PayPal. By offering customers their preferred payment method, you’ll boost your chances of being paid on time.


Want to learn more?

For more financial tips, download our whitepaper: Surviving Cash Flow Challenges. Creating cash flow: your guide to navigating today’s common cash flow challenges through the learnings of Australia’s fast growing SMEs.

Whether you are looking to expand, boost working capital, improve your day to day cash flow, Scottish Pacific has a range of debtor finance and trade facilities can help you.

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